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the legal role of the 2009 Local Government Act and your reference to COAG`s “local government reform agreements” are wrong. “Of the total participation rights for Unitywater, Moreton Bay Regional Council has 58.24%, Sunshine Coast 37.51% and Noosa 4.25%.” “Unitywater has a participation agreement with its property councils. It sets out rules for governance and reporting as well as profit distribution. Paragraphs 49 and 49A of the Act are absolutely clear; The Commission can tell UnityWater exactly what to do and how to do it. You can do this by appointment with Sunshine Coast Council or you can do it alone. The case is closed, it is black and white. I even added a copy if you haven`t read it before. “Problems with Unitywater? Don`t call advice! “,” he wrote. These boards receive income from Unitywater that is paid on Unitywater`s net profits. Unitywater provides mileage to its workers when delivering Unitywater trucks. In some cases, the worker sometimes has to pick up other team members with the truck up to 20 km from his home and drop them at home. More paid while he goes to get his team. Who said unitywater didn`t take care of its workers? “The main thing we`re here for today is just to make our presence known,” Austen told the meeting.

She said union action could follow if Unitywater did not return to the negotiating table, but that would only concern internal processes, not customers. “The desalination plant sits there and does nothing at a huge cost to taxpayers,” he said. After the protest, Austen said the group`s goal was to keep water prices low. He said the dissolution of Unitywater was the best way to do that, but failing that, he wanted to see a public representative at the Unitywater Board. In his June-July newsletter, Division 5 City Council James Houghton stated that the Council did not own Unitywater. We work closely with all our stakeholders to ensure strong communication for mutual understanding and utility. “Employees have seen nothing of the management and board of directors that they have had to abandon (to keep prices low).” The office of the state`s water minister, Mark McArdle, has accused a Moreton Bay regional councillor of deliberately misleading payers about Unitywater`s ownership, but the council is clear. Before Unitywater took over the water supply to Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast Councils in July 2010, Redcliffe residents paid an average annual bill of 832 $US.