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If this leave is authorized by the employer, teachers who participate in cultural activities recognized in New Zealand or outside New Zealand are entitled to travel under the same conditions as for a sports holiday. Provided that teacher relief, with the exception of casual workers who work only a few days at a time, can apply for leave for permanent teachers. b) Unpaid daily hours are aggregated on the basis of a five-hour day and paid for sick leave. For example, if a full-time teacher is present for: a) permanent teachers receive two (2) days of paid leave to visit their partner at the birth of their child. 5.6.1 Special leave, with or without pay, may be granted to a teacher who meets the conditions of clauses 5.6.2 – 5.6.10. Unless otherwise stated, the special leave provisions apply to full-time and long-term instructors.5.6.2 Court proceedings Except where teachers pursue their own interests or if they result in charges, the employer grants paid leave when a teacher is required, by summons to appear, to appear as a witness or to take legal action; when taxes on the provision of services are paid, these fees are reimbursed to the employer for reimbursement to the public account.5.6.3 The provisions of the Electoral Act 1993 and its amendments apply.5.6.4If this leave is authorized by the employer, teachers are allowed to travel to New Zealand with payment for overseas sports tours, inter-provincial games, national championships and international competitions , subject to the next 12-month tour. : (a) up to four weeks; b) inter-provincial games and national championships – up to six weeks; (c) international competition in New Zealand – assembly and training day; plus two days of travel, plus a day game or several days.5.6.5 Cultural holidaysIf this holiday is allowed by the employer, teachers who participate in cultural activities recognized in New Zealand or outside New Zealand are allowed to go in the same conditions as for sports holidays.5.6.5 Cultural holidays. for teachers of the Jewish faith, and may benefit from study leave as part of the Rosch Hashonah and Yom Kippur. 5.8.1 There is nothing in this agreement that limits the ability of teachers to take time off in certain circumstances or without remuneration.

(b) The employer`s ability to find an appropriate discharge assistant to fill the position of teacher who has taken the leave. An appropriate teacher is a teacher who, to the employer`s satisfaction, will be able to lighten the burden at school during the teachers` leave period. The employer is trying to find an appropriate way to discharge. b) absences during or in connection with the birth of a child teacher are not permitted. Such situations should be covered by leave under clauses 6.3.6, 6.3.8 or 6.8. 6.7.4 Teachers who are entitled to an annual increase during a refreshment leave of more than one term of more than one term do not require certification for this increase, provided that their two previous certifications have been satisfactory. c) Notwithstanding point 5.1.1 (a) above, a short-term teacher is entitled to sick leave on the basis of the sum of the benefit completed since the last day of indeterminate employment, for which every 190 days or 950 hours of short-term assistance correspond to one year of sick service. Note: The presentation of a medical certificate or other certificate of illness may be required in the event of leave granted in accordance with clauses 6.5.2, 6.5.3 and 6.5.4. b) Search and rescue.

If a teacher is a member of an authorized search and rescue organization, a competent authority is invited to participate in a search and rescue operation (leave with payment).