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If you receive a written agreement, it must carefully specify the terms of your lease, including: An AST becomes a periodic lease after the end of the fixed term, even if it is not mentioned in your contract. The renewal of the contract gives tenants and landlords an additional guarantee, since the landlord cannot evacuate the tenant with a deadline set at paragraph 21, until the end of the extended validity period and the tenant agrees to stay for that fixed term and pay the rent. If you want to leave the lease prematurely, there may be a “break clause” that will allow you to do so. This includes a written notification to your landlord`s shares that you wish to leave the building and may indicate that you must pay your deposit or pay your rent until a new tenant is found. Not all leases have this, so make sure you ask your landlord or agent what you need to do to leave an early lease. Here you can download the openRents AST model for free. This is the rental agreement we use with our Rent Now owners. You can trust it because it is in effect in tens of thousands of rentals all over the UK. It contains the latest elements of UK housing law, so you can use it as a reference for your own AST. As a tenant, your rental agreement is probably considered Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). There are certain rights that you and your landlord have under an AST, as well as common clauses that you will find that apply to most leases. This guide discusses what STAs are, how they protect you and the rules they set.

We have partnered with Farillio to provide you with a free and guaranteed short-term rental allowance – something that any homeowner should consider. If your landlord has not given you permission to sub-member, there will usually be a clause that will clearly state this in the contract. If you plan to sublet, be sure to read this clause carefully, how it can mean that you can if you get permission from your landlord. Choose whether you want to see an example of our common lease (for a whole property) or for flatshares. You can download a pdf of any AST for free. Our Rent Now users can add their own custom clauses and collect signatures digitally as part of our tenant creation process.